Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download

Microsoft Windows 10 Gratis Downloaden: IOS 32, 64 Bit.

This post is about downloading Microsoft Windows 10 for free. Download Windows 10 IOS 32, 64 bit with this post.

All new windows 10 is here with all the new cool upgrades. Improved performance, the beloved start button goes back and on and on.

Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download

But above all, the best part, the update is available for free. But then again, a question arises, hot to install this new update?

Well for legitimate users it’s extremely simple, kind of like sitting back and relaxing. But for those with pirated or cracked versions, it might not be that simple. So let’s check out for the procedure.

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Windows 10 Free Download: IOS 32, 64 Bit.

Legitimate users, with original previous versions of Windows.

Well, it’s quite simple for you guys.


You may see the Windows 10 icon on the lower right side of your system tray.

Well if not, then first you will have to update and install all the required and recommended updates for some of your drivers and software.

Once you have the app, click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window.

Enter all the required information, and when your update is ready it will be notified to you.

The update will be downloaded windows 10 free automatically and you will be notified.   

Trouble shoot the issue: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Black Screen Solution Guide.


After all the reservations for the update and all, watch for your notification in the app. Then select the time which may suit you for the procedure or just simply upgrade.


After all these procedures, you are successfully completed and free to use your new windows 10 OS 32, 64 bit.

Another method is to install and upgrade your OS.

This is a bit long and for tech-savvy people. So think before you upgrade your PC. And remember Piracy is a Crime.

First you need to install the ISO file and install VMware workstation from VMware website. After all downloading and installation, open the VMware software.

You will have 4 options; from that select create a new virtual machine option and choose the typical option for creating a virtual machine.

Further locate the ISO image and click next, make the location where you wish to install it.

Specify the memory, for that you will have two options, to use the entire option or partition. Click finish and restart the machine.

For now, use and follow the usual steps to install the OS. 

So this is the guide for Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download: IOS 32, 64 Bit. If you find this helpful, feel free to share it with your friends.

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