Лучшие альтернативы Google AdSense - мне это надоело!

Note: I’m not in affiliation with any of the Google AdSense Alternatives shared here. This article has been written so you can get solution when your adsense account get’s banned or when you’re looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives.

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On a very fine day you thought to check your email. And. Sudden you get an email. Titled “Google AdSense Account Disabled“, you look into it. Thought to be a joke. Checked dashboard. Gone!

Holy Crap!

If you’ve determined to make money online or make a living through blogging, then you may have got enough suggestion and among which the first choice you’ve made is to go with advertising.

You’ve thought that you’d make great income, within few weeks. Or else, even a month.

Got enough praises of Google Adsense Program, and luckily have got approved (or not so, if you’ve been unlucky). Waited few days, then a few month or even a year.

Results – $40 in your balance. Wow, it’s sucks.

Or may the story be opposite, you’ve not got approved and just been criticized.

This article is for you, if:

1. You’ve applied for Google Adsense, wait weeks, and got No Reply.

2. You’ve applied for Google Adsense, and got kicked-off.

3. You’re stucked of low income.

4. You’re finding way out of it.

5. You’re searching for Google Adsense Alternatives.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Despite Google having some of the really worthy features, for example – it’s ability to be blend with the content, if it doesn’t makes you satisfied yet, there’s 100 of best Google Adsense alternatives to go with. And in this article I would be sharing with you few of the top Google Adsense alternatives for blogs to monetize and earn good income out of it.

1st – InfoLinks:

InfoLinks, an in-text advertising solution, i.e. advertising through texts. It’s goal is driving new revenue streams for your blog, it’s ingenuity algorithms and technology is developed to extract context, determine the intent and auction ad space with it’s real-time bidding engine. It ensures that their advertisers get the highest ROI and at the same time the earning potential for the publishers.

2nd – Chitika:

Chitika is among the best Adsense Alternatives. It assures to show ads only to users when and where they are willing to see them. It’s algorithms is based on search queries i.e. ads will be only shown when a user come from search engines.

Chitika is a display advertising network that serves either as a complement or alternative to other ad display network, such as Infolinks, Google Adsense. It offers three type of advertising: display/text unit based ad, list units, mobile ads and  which is more or less similar to Google Adsense link units.

3rd – Media.net:

Media.net brings contextual ads program from world’s biggest search engine, Yahoo! and Bing, to publishers so that they be able to create and customize ad units that display the most relevant text ads which consist of sponsored links and various ad topics. Although it’s not yet open for public, but if you’re keen enough and have good traffic from US, Canada, UK, then you’d be approved without any issues.

4th – Kontera:

Similar to InfoLinks, Kontera is based on in-text advertising. Advantages of in-text advertising is that you’re not required to provide any extra spaces in sake of shows ads on your blog, or site either. Kontera analyzes your site content, and turn relevant keywords and phrases into hyperlinked text ad. It’s an CPC network, which pays you a certain amount per click and too allows you to customize to get most out of it.

5th – VigLink:

VigLink advance algorithm is based on converting normal links into affiliates. For instance, VigLinks pays you when people buy products, brands, hosting, themes, etc. you write about by automatically converting the outbound links into paid ones. And the best part of it is, you don’t require individually joining each and every affiliate programs, Viglink take care of it.

Wrapping it up

So these were few of the best Google adsense alternatives there which you can use to monetize your site and earn good with it. Once I’ve got banned by Google, for simply no reason which I’ve shared here.

I’d be occasionally updating this article with top Adsense Alternative within times so you could have the latest updates regarded this topic.

Have something more to add on the Google AdSense Alternatives 2024 list?

  1. Привет, Питер,

    I must say all these are great adsense alternatives. Bloggers who don’t have their own adsense account can make use of these ad networks to earn from their blogs.

    As per my views, affiliate marketing is the best possible way for money making blogging. You can easily make dollars once you learned the skills of affiliate marketing.

    Anyway, great alternatives. Thanks for listing them.


  2. After having adsense ad serving disabled on my prized website, I went without monetization for 6 months while receiving at least 2500 unique visits per day. I wish I had read this article when it was first published so I could have been using clicksor for August traffic. This article is very informative and useful. Thank you for writing and sharing this

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