Ouo.io Review Ouo.io Review

Огляд Ouo.io: Короткі посилання, заробляй гроші. Це легко!

It probably might be the first time that I am reviewing a URL Shortener, however, I just got quite really fascinated when I got to know about Ouo.ioit’s cool, as the name is.

There are tons of different methods by which you can earn lucrative online, you can do affiliate marketing, micro niche blogging, freelancing, and various methods.

But what about when you’ve already created momentum?

Let’s say you’ve got a niche site – maybe a download niche – receiving tons of traffic but very little earnings.

And moreover, Google doesn’t allow users to monetize download niche sites as it violates their policies due to piracy and so-on stuff, so you’re left with the very minimum options to earn.

In that case, Ouo.io can be a really good source for additional income.

You can simply convert all your links with Ouo.io‘s shorted urls and simply make more money every time your visitors click on any link of your site. It’s that simple.

I am now going to do a Ouo.io review to let you guys know exactly what it is, which model does it work, ouo.io payment earning report, and how you can leverage most of it with short links and earn money.

Ouo.io Review – so, what’s it exactly?

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Sometimes your links – especially the affiliates links – look really, really awkward.

For instance, http://2914141412kerjnskaf8zebke-a-e4yid.hop.xyz.net/ looks really wired both for us as well as the people who would see this.

And, and it’s totally not smart-ass technique for promoting an affiliate product. Nor would you remember the link, it’s damn long and full of mess.

So what Ouo.io does is, it converts those long lengthy URLs into short and easy one’s.

https://mindsbizz.com/ouo-io-review/ -> http://ouo.io/3kfHC

And it’s so easy. Just put on the link over the site, and you get your short url in matter of seconds.

The best part, you can keep a track of how many people has opened your short URL.

Let’s say you promote your website on Facebook Pages and Groups, so it’s the best possible way to earn some good amount also drive handful of traffic with it.

Good right?

So you’re driving traffic as well as earning money with the traffic you’re driving.

My prespective on earning with Ouo.io

I’d like to share some insights on why Ouo.io can be a good thing for you.

  1. Let’s say you have a music download niche site. So when people click on “download mp3” or such type of button. You get money. So, that’s really good stuff. You can also monetise with other ad types like PropellerAds along with to earn more.
  2. If you have an entertainment niche website, convert all your images and links with Ouo.io’s Full Page Script and if you’ve ever noticed with any heatmap tool like Ptengine, a majority of the users click on images. So since your website links are getting converted into short links – you earn more.

One thing that is good with this shortener is that you get paid multiple times from a single visitor.

I am not sure they would keep this feature for long as if such thing happen, people “may” use any kind of string or bots to manipulate it and earn from it.

Anyways, would see that if it happens any day. As of now, they’re paying genuinely for ever impression.

I’ve added Ouo.io in two of my website. It’s doing quite well in terms of additional earning.

Here’s a dashboard screenshot of Ouo.io earning:

ouo.io, ouo.io review, ouo.io earning

The interface is really simple, elegant and professional.

And that’s what I really like about it. The reporting is to the point and acts pretty much real-time, so whenever a person clicks on the link you pretty much instantly get it shown on your dashboard.

Ouo.io Payout Rates

It has pretty much moderate – good payout rates, concerning the fact that it pays multiple times for a single unique visitor.

What happens in most of the url shortners is that it pays single time for a single visitor so if a person visits 3-4 urls under your account you only get paid once – it’s totally insane.

However, Ouo does pay you multiple times, so if you have a niche segment for music, entertainment or download – this is going to convert you to ‘really great’.

CountryEARN per 1000 VIEWS
United KingdomUSD $2.8
United StatesUSD $2.7 
NorwayUSD $1.83
South AfricaUSD $1.83
FinlandUSD $1.83
PolandUSD $1.78
SwedenUSD $1.74
IrelandUSD $1.65
New ZealandUSD $1.65
NetherlandsUSD $1.65
AustraliaUSD $1.65
BrazilUSD $1.6
All Other CountryUSD $1.5

So, as you can see that the min payout you’d get is $1.5. That goes up to $2.8-$3.

It’s really beneficial if you’ve traffic from the UK, US – for obviously there you get higher rates thus more income.

No doubt they’ve a really low payout, it’s just $5 and you can withdraw the amount every 1st and 15th calendar date of the month. Yes, twice a month you can withdraw your money.

I withdraw money via Paypal; and, perhaps that’s the only payout method as of now. I hope in the future they introduce other payment methods because it would be really convenient for those who don’t have a Paypal account.

Wrapping it up.

I’d say Ouo.io is pretty good for you to get started with. It helps create passive additional money with your traffic – so you must not waste your traffic or monetize as much as you can. It has good rates, a fast and very low payout threshold, and also it’s convenient to use.

Users often get annoyed waiting 5 seconds and then a popup comes and then clicks on “skip ad” in another type of URL Shortener but in this case, they all need to fill a captcha and it’s done.

So, yes. Give it a shot. You would love it.

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