Best Tinder Pickup lines Best Tinder Pickup lines

Tinder Pickup Lines: Best Tinder Pick-up Lines That work

In this article of Mindsbizz, we would share some of the very best tinder pickup lines that works instantly whenever you swap it right and get the match. The following pickup lines of tinder are self-experienced basis and it works great. If you want someone to get crush on you instantly, make sure you use these tinder pickup lines.

Best Tinder Pickup lines

Understanding the intention of a girl is considered as one of the toughest jobs of the world. But today’s rigorous study and analysis has proved it wrong to quite an extent.

Data from various dating websites has proved that there is a certain pattern which is common for most of the girls who sign up for such websites.

Girls mostly join such websites for fun. And whenever someone is unable to deliver that she moves on to the next. As in dating sites like Tinder they have got a huge number of options as compared to real life. So men must be very cautious about the way they deal with women on such websites.

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Tips on using Tinder Pickup Lines:

Here are some tips for every boy out there for using pickup lines on tinder:

  1. Never type long messages. Girls may get bored and stop replying you. They may even feel that you don’t want to let her speak.


  2. Always try to make her curious about you. Use words which add up a mystery to your conversation. Something that is not too obvious and too clear but still interesting.


  3. Don’t pretend to be someone else as it is too tough to deliver your fake image in reality. Be yourself and try to be able to convince anyone about why you are like this.


  4. Be confident about yourself. Maybe you will get dumped by many girls on such sites, but that doesn’t mean you are not cool.


  5. Remain casual. Don’t panic or extrapolate. The best way is always the natural way.


  6. Respect girls. This is something that doesn’t come in a single day. But try not to exploit the whole matter even before it gets a bit settled.


  7. The most important point above all these things is to make the girl talk to you. And for that a catchy pick-up line is all you need. It is this very first quality of a boy which never let any girl to get interested in you.

Worry not, here’s a guide for you to get started with the best pick-up lines for tinder ever. These are tested line on girls that come with an 80% guarantee of sure success.

Compliments for Tinder

  •    The most beautiful face I have ever seen on Tinder.
  •    Your father must be having a sweet shop, coz you are so sweet
  •    Your beauty is a rivalry to the graphics of call of duty
  •    Do you believe in love at first swipe?
  •    Congratulations. You have won the prettiest girl contest and as a prize you win a date with me
  •    May I have your picture so that I can show it to Santa what I want for Christmas?
  •    I had a crush on you for last 2 hours

Mean Pickup Lines for Tinder

  •    My gut feeling is saying that you are a trouble
  •    Hey, girl. Will you be my minderella?

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Funny Tinder Pickup Lines

  • A boy gives 10 rose to a girl (9 real and 1 artificial) and says I will stop loving you when all these roses will die.
  • I’m new to this city would you give me the direction to your house?
  • Well Tinder says we would make beautiful kids, but I think maybe we should do dinner before we start working on the future models of America

So guys, these was all the best pickup lines that you can use on Tinder app. Tinder has grown widely a lot, with the increase of the usage people are eager to use the best tinder pickup lines to impress the chicks out there.