Affiliate Marketing and Opicle : Review


Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategic performance based type of marketing. It consists of four parts, the Advertiser or the ‘Brand’, the Publisher, also known as the ‘Affiliate’, the network which coordinates the process and provides the advertisements from different brands to different publishers, and the fourth and last one is the customer or the traffic.
The publisher, or the ‘Affiliate’ is rewarded with one or more credits for each and every visitor or customer brought by the sole efforts of the publisher to the brand.

In this revolutionary era, the possibility of success of a business is very high and advertisements are a great way of making a brand more popular and helping it gain healthy recognition. And advertisements nowadays are not necessarily safe as bogus clicks and traffic generated by the the publisher can fool the brand and for that we introduce India’s most rapidly growing Affiliated company with unlimited features and unlimited possibilities.


Opicle has been termed as ‘one of the top Affiliate Marketing provider in the world today’ by an independent global survey, and it certainly is the fastest growing, most successful, safest and most reliable Affiliate Marketing network in India right now.
Opicle was started in 2012 with the vision of revolutionising the process of strategic advertising giving full control to the publishers to regulate the advertisements shown on their pages and allowing them to use their experience to make a considerable raise in the total number of visitors or customers influenced by the advertisements because without the concept of targeted audience, like Google Adsense and other advertising networks, publishers could be missing tons of opportunities if the right product is not introduced to the right person.
Opicle’s constantly upgraded advanced fraud management systems and a dedicated team which watches over the whole process and blocks every penny earned through bogus clicks or traffic generated by the publishers making Opicle one hundred percent safe and reliable source of advertising.

Future of Strategic Advertising

Opicle is Affiliated with over 150 popular businesses like Jabong, Flipkart, Foodpanda, NIIT, ICICI bank and many more all over the world. Opicle is growing day by day and with over five hundred potential publishers connected with Opicle, it offers a wide field and much more wider canvas to advertise for any brand. Opicle has hired some of the best experts in the field of strategic advertising to ensure the profitable growth of your business and it constantly hosts affiliate programs to provide the users with more knowledge and experience the experts have to offer. Opicle also invests a large part of it’s earnings on the field of research and development of strategic advertising and helps in providing the best in the field experience.

Features and perks

Opicle also features series of services alongside Affiliate Marketing. Web development programs for it’s users like Web Application Development, Customized Application, Custom Landing Pages etc, Android and iPhone application development and native application development, Email marketing including Promotional Mailers, Transactional Mailers, Third Party Mailers etc are examples of such services.
Analytics and IT services like Web Analytics Integration,Conversion Tracking,Revenue Tracking and most importantly Search engine optimization (SEO), which helps in bringing the necessary and extremely important recognition to the website or page of the publisher creating more possibilities of increase in traffic and total commissions earned by the publisher, which indeed is profitable for both the ‘Brand’ and the ‘Affiliate’.

Opicle dispatches payments in a 45 day cycle. Any fraud earning made by the publisher throughout that 45 day cycle with any bogus clicks, leads, or fake traffic generated by publisher which gets caught by highly secure and reliable fraud management systems is deducted from the total earnings made in 45 and then paid through NEFT or cheque.

Opicle’s 24/7 customer support is very helpful, users can sort out their problems via a simple call or skype directly with the support staff. Opicle features great experience in terms of strategic advertising and many publishers rely on Opicle as their main source of income.
Sign up today and experience everything yourself, have a great time with Opicle!!

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