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Top Unblocked Music Sites for College and Office

At times we get bored with our studies or work in our college or office and hence we need some relaxation. Music is one of the best choice to get relief from stressed feeling and which can be accessed online at anytime. Furthermore you want to listen it at your college alternately at your work environment but you’ll examine that some sites are blocked at schools, offices, college’s etc. so here we’ll be showing you some best spare unblocked music destinations to office, colleges or work environment. Right away here you can find new tunes at anyplace and at duration of the time.

Here are some of the unblocked music sites at schools, college or what so ever working environment. Actually these unblocked sites are the most secure over proxy sites and gives a standout amongst the most secure search route on web. You can download songs, new albums from these unblocked sites. Here you’ll figure out some of the best unblocked music sites.

Top Unblocked Music Sites

List of Top Unblocked Music Sites :

1# Playlist Sound (

Playlist Sound - Unblocked Music Sites

Play list sound website is one of the unblocked music site, like every music website where you can get access to the featured music. The best thing about this site is it is not a banned website; you can access its service from anywhere you want and will not get any banned message here.  You can add any song in your own playlist and listen to free unblocked music.

2# Grooveshark (

Unblocked Music Sites

Grooveshark is the most famous and good music streaming free unblocked music website so if you access this website from your college, school or office you will not get banned or blocked message. It provides the free right customize music albums. Indeed going you might figure out new tracks, songs, albums, features around their website. You can also significantly make your own identity or music playlist that you might tune it later. There are no charges, it’s totally free and one of the best music website unblocked.

3# Slacker (

Unblocked sites

This music website is popular among the entire unblocked music website in schools and offices and it let you access the thousands of music songs at free of cost without any registration. It provide a search option where you can easily search your favourite song , music albums, genre, title song etc. it has a huge music database and  also gives the latest information of the music world.

4# Clearly Drunk (

unblocked music

The site with very cool name isn’t a music site it’s a proxy site. The best known free music unblocked site and  you can access any music from this website, you can also find new tracks, albums, videos on this unblocked site of music in just single click. You can play or download music from your any favourite site; this is only proxy site and is only for speedy purpose, so you can easily access your music on faster mode.

5# ZUUS (


ZUUS is another unblocked music site which is not blocked over a large portion of the school, universities and offices. This is a great website to search music with a great accumulation about music. You might Figure music from practically every last one of well known genres. A few of the well known genres on ZUUS are pop, rock, country, hip Hop, R&B also some other.

6# Ringoen (


Ringoen is also an unblocked music streaming website which is proposed and tested by one of the reader fans David. This site is a standout amongst those unblocked music streaming locales with clean user interface Furthermore it is not difficult search any music. It cannot be said the best unblocked music site as like other music websites, it does not have good songs collection as others but it has enough songs , music albums to make your mind stress free and make you feel good and charged specially in school or colleges where the mostly sites are blocked. You can also download music from here make your phone ringtone, although it has features to become a good unblocked music website.

7# Soundzabound (

Soundzabound - unblocked music site

This music unblocked website provides the most royalty free music which is specially used for the school, purpose with good sound effects so that no one can claim for the work or music. Here you can download the good music material very easily and watch your favourite videos, music albums, new tracks, or make your own music playlist at free of cost. Soundza baza is the unblocked music website and legally certified and not banned in school, office or at any work place.

8# Pure Volume (

music site - purevolume

One of the best unblocked music website in school, Students can take advantage of accessing in their schools. It is the popular website due to its various music categories, you can find new music and listen it or download it online and or if you are artist or expertise in music then you can also upload your own music and promote it.

9# Hulkshare (


The Hulkshare music website is one of the fastest growing music network site for the music artist  and the music lovers. On this unblocked site of music you can explore your music tracks, songs, video and lots of many things. You can download music albums, songs, videos etc free from the Hulkshare. Here you can also connect to the many people like you who have the same music taste which might make you popular in many and the best thing is you can get access to this from school, offices or colleges.

10# Jamendo (


Jamendo has huge bunch of music lovers and artist on its website that’s why it claims itself the worlds huge music service provide among all. Jamendo gives the best unblocked music to its music fans. You can use this site from the schools, universities, or from other work place, this is not a banned site and you can share, download play and get access to it, this is free unblocked music site.

11# BlueBeat (

music unblocked

12# SongArea (

music unblocked, unblocked music

13# MusicChoice (

Unblocked Music Sites

Methods to Unblock Music Website :

  1. Use Proxy Sites – This may be little tricky for you. But you can do it. What you have to do is just search proxy sites on any search engine and you would get a lot of Free and paid proxy site. Open any of them and after that you will get a Search Bar. Just enter the site you need to unblock and you can access that site by using that proxy site in your device.
  2. Use VPN  – An extension which will change your Current Location to another one. You can get all about ZenMate here. Zenmate is also a VPN extension.


There are many schools, colleges and offices where this entertainment sites are blocked and everyone needs relax from the work a bit. These music sites help to refresh the mind but they can as they are blocked in these areas. So to help them without requesting to the School, College or Office management we have shared some of unblocked music sites which may help you to get relaxation while work.

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