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BlueHost Review – A Robust Hosting Company

Bloggers do require buoyant and powerful hosting to host their website properly. But.

The thing which most of “US” confuse is about a proper web hosting. There’s a sparse of knowledge, at-least in this case.

As you can see many hosting service providers in the present environment of hosting world, an inevitable choice to most of the tech lovers is BlueHostย (Aff. Link).

Since 1996, close to almost 17 years, it has been one of the best hosting services hosting more than 3 million websites and domains and enormous number audience throughout the world.

Why To Choose BlueHost for Your Hosting?

Here, although being a review, I’m going to demonstrate you with some features and too I’ll show you my reasons as a choice to why you have to choose BlueHost service.

BlueHost Review

Note: One of my reasons to choose the BlueHost (Aff. Link) service is that it promises you to give the most of the network reliability. It means you can stay online most of the time which is not possible by other hosting services. This feature of BlueHost is enough for me to choose it as my hosting service.

Let’s have a look at the other features of the hosting service. There are some features where you can have a glance which I’m sure that you can give them a shot.

Swift WordPress Installation.

WordPress Content Management System (CMS abbreviation), is one of the most powerful site hosting which allows you to improve your site’s performance with it’s effectiveness and great plugins. Started in 2003, it has been one of the most leading site hosting and perhaps, the leaders of site hosting’s.

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Offers Eligible that have been mentioned below, Only If Purchased From My Link.

Perhaps, installing WordPress for the first time might be hazardous, however BlueHost has a great feature of Swift (or to say Quick) WordPress installation to save your time. Just you do require to locate SimpleScripts by clicking on it’s icon (a powerful software developed by BlueHost to install all  the scripts for quick installation) from the cPanel and follow the steps and it’s done.

No technical skills/software skills required.

Unbounded Space and Bandwidth.

BlueHost is not only gives you a Blazing Fast Speed, Perhaps you can have limitless (Unlimited) Email Accounts and Domain hosting, too you would be getting exclusive Website Templates and perhaps for branding and advertising you would be getting 100$ Google credits for your site, which is probably a great deal.

Customer Service of Blue host:

You can expect response from the team of bluehost anytime, 24×7.  I’m the real time experience for it. I have tried to approach whenever I’m needed and I was satisfied with their quick response. So, you don’t need to worry with your issues you have with your hosting. These guys won’t disappoint you.

cPanel of BlueHost:

The cPanel of blue host will surely attract you. It helps you in navigating easily and an easy access which is designed very simple. The installation of certain scripts is very easy on BlueHost. Just by a single click, you can get the access of CMS scripts like WordPress, Drupal.

Website Builder:

Like said before, creating a website with BlueHost is an easy deal always. If you’re decided to create a website with BlueHost, you’re just a few minuter away from creating it. You don’t need to learn any programming language like HTML to set up a website here.

Advantages of Buying The Hosting From My Link:

Well, till yet you might have noticed that I do have shared some affiliate link which is included with some texts like aff. link.

So, let me tell you some advantages that you would be getting for buying through my affiliate link. Wait, wait.

Don’t think, you are going to be charged extra, don’t worry – you won’t be charged even a single extra penny.

So, let’s break down the features of buying the hosting from my affiliate link:

1. Full Website Setup 
2. Website Design i.e. Theme.
3. Premium and Branded Logo Design (with 5 revisions).
4. Premium Plugins Installation.
5. Advance SEO Optimization (Basic to Advance) To Enhance Your SERP Performance. 
6. Fix All The Issues With Your Blog.

All these might cost you over $300. But, if purchased from my affiliate link you would get all these for FREEOr get bluehost coupon for maximum discount.

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Offers Eligible that have been mentioned above, Only If Purchased From My Link.

And here,  I strongly recommend you BlueHost service to build your website. Because it is the best platform for a consistent website. This is not just my choice, but a choice of millions of users. You can go for BlueHost blindly!

    1. I am really illustrious that you liked this review, perhaps if you do require any hosting (which is great) then you can use BlueHost as because you may have seen it’s superior and robust features which is really excellent perhaps too handy because of the 1 Click WordPress Installation.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us, have a great weekend.
      – Peter Henson

  1. Hi there!

    Glad to see a good BlueHost review here. BlueHost is the best option for WordPress users and is recommended by WordPress itself. So why not go for it?

    I liked your free service offer as well. Will take it as soon as I decide to migrate to WordPress. Just make sure you continue it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hey Peter,
    I want my blog to be on wordpress, and i will take hosting from your link also but can you tell me that, when migrating from blogger to wordpress, does our traffic get effected and what’s the total cost for the first year it will take?
    Thank you

  3. Great,

    Bluehost is most recommended and most old web host. I am thinking to shift my old web hosting to new I must have to try this hosting service.
    Thank you for reviewing bluehost… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Excellent review But I have confusion b/n hostgator or bluehost……in costs…Please tell me how much it will cost for one month in bluehost….
    Check out Tech linko!

  5. hi bishal…
    nice review yaar… how you write viral give some tips..
    i am using hostgator, i want to change it, i will move towards bluehost, but some problem with billing.

    1. I would be suggesting you to opt for Bluehost, it’s simply the best. Perhaps, if you do purchase the hosting from my aff. link then you would get some bonus offer that I have listed over here.

  6. Hey, Peter

    Excellent review buddy. I was planning to start a new WordPress blog and was confused which hosting provider should I choose – BlueHost or HostGator. But now, I have got the answer.

    Thanks buddy.

  7. Hay Peter ๐Ÿ™‚
    First of all thanks for Sharing this link on #FBGroup,
    I’m just little confused between two hosting (bluehost Vs. Dreamhost) but now I got more clear ideas about #BlueHost.

    Thanks Peter ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep Working Like This.
    -Jagdish Kashyap

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