Convert Fat32 to NTFS without Losing Data

NTFS is an Advanced File System as compared to that of FAT32. NTFS is more powerful than FAT32 with more advanced features in its performance, security and reliability.



NTFS has got some improved enhancements over FAT use of advanced data structures to improve performance, disk space utilization, support for metadata with additional extensions such as file system journaling and security access control lists.

Converting Fat32 to NTFS without Losing File Data

There is a standard windows utility called as CONVERT which converts a FAT32 Hard Drive to NTFS without losing any of the data.

  • Just go to the Command Prompt and execute the command:

C:\> CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs

Where C is the drive you want to convert

Steps to convert FAT32 to NTFS using Convert.exe:

  1. Get the setup Convert.exe
  2. After completing the setup, click on Start and then click on Run
  3. Now type cmd, and open the Command Prompt window
  4. In the Command Prompt window type help convert and then press enter. Information about converting FAT volumes to NTFS is made available

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Steps to convert Fat volume to NTFS using Command Prompt:

  1. Open Command Prompt window
  2. In the Command Prompt window type convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

Why converting FAT to NTFS without data loss is a n easier and safer way?

Changing a volume’s existing file system can be time consuming. Not every computer user is an expert. For those who are not familiar with Command Prompt it’s a definitely difficult task. Therefore an easier and safer solution is needed to convert Fat into NTFS. The partition software can fully meet the requirement which helps in converting FAT to NTFS without any data loss.   

Steps for server users to convert FAT into NTFS using a powerful tool called as EaseUs Partition Master Server Edition:

  1. Select a FAT 12/16/32 partition
  2. Right click the partition and select Convert to NTFS
  3. The popup box will show the source and destination file system
  4. Click OK to continue


It is always good to back-up your data before you convert no matter whether you convert FAT to NTFS using Convert.exe or EaseUs Partition Master that would help you to keep your file without loosing data.