How to Fix Runtime Error r6025?

If you’re here to fix the runtime error r6025, then you’re at the right place for I’d be showing you the proper way of fixing runtime error r6025.


Microsoft Windows often compiles an error report to explain what went wrong, when an application or other process ends abruptly. Sometimes this results in an error message like “Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call”.

This error is basically caused when a program suddenly ends in your Windows Operating System. This error means that an application tried to call upon a virtual member function from a source that wouldn’t accept that call.

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For example, your computer may generate this error, when if you are playing a video game hosted online and suddenly the server goes down.

The runtime error r6025 is easy to spot as a pop up message comes up when the problem happens. A computer that can’t access C++ properly, which only intensifies over time, hence the end result is always the same.

If the application’s code is incorrect, this means that you are not a developer, whereas if u redesign some of the functions inside your program, then you are a developer.

Fixing the runtime error r6025 is a tedious problem and needs advanced techniques. You need to scan your computer with an anti-virus software program, before executing. Once  the scan is completed, and if the problem still persists, then execute the following steps so that Windows API Function known as a DebugBreak:


  1. Use a quality debugger.
  2. Implement the DebugBreak.
  3. This will cause a hard code breakpoint.
  4. View the call stack.
  5. Ascertain the function.
  6. Use that function to replace the pure virtual function.
  7. Restart the computer.


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How to fix Runtime Error r6025

Here’s the step to fix the runtime error r6025:

  1. First, close the program that is showing you the runtime error. Now, press “CTRL+ALT+DEL” button open task manager.
  2. Click Processes tab in that menu and then again click on “Image Name”. Then check your program in the list and click on your program and choose “End Process”.
  3. Close the task manager and click on start button. Select control panel and choose option for “Uninstalling a Program” under the program selection. So then uninstall the program which is showing you the error message.
  4. Again click oon start button and type “cleanmgr” into the search box and then press Enter Button.
  5. Carefully choose the drive where you have installed your program recently. Check all the options in that list and click OK and the select Delete Files.
  6. After performing the above step carefully, simply restart your program.
  7. Reinstall your program again in your system and open in your program to confirm that runtime error doesn’t appear on your computer screen.


So this is the full guide to solve the issue runtime error r6025 . Hope it was adequate to fix the problem.