Fix Runtime Errors – 216,217,429,1004 and r6034

Runtime error in PC is a common problem of our life now. But the solution to such problems is not known to everyone. This guide has been made in a way to so that it solves multiple runtime errors we come across often.



A very common approach one must follow while handling runtime errors is to run a Quick anti-virus scan. Mostly these errors occur due to virus that got installed in the system somehow.

This guide would tell you the solution of runtime errors 216,217,429,1004 and r6034.

Runtime Errors Solution:


If the scan doesn’t fetch you any result continue reading this guide and follow the steps accordingly.


Missing or broken links in registry is the major reason behind this error most of the time if it’s not a virus. It is one of the errors that used to occur in older version of windows. Normally if it’s due to a virus, then the virus mostly is SubSeven Trojan virus.

In addition to general symptoms, runtime error 216 has some worst effects like missing of some files from the PC, Opening of CD drive of the computer unnecessarily, etc. Running a registry cleaner will solve this error if it’s not virus related. Registry cleaner repairs the broken files and fixes this issue.

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This error normally occurs after one has installed some new programs in the computer. One of the reasoned behind may be that the registry of the computer is stuffed. The computer will start slowing down and you can’t access some of the programs in your computer. This error is typically associated with the users who have installed Nortan or else have upgraded their internet explorer. If the virus scan did not solve your problem, the following will definitely do:

  1. Open control Panel
  2. click on internet options
  3. click on programs
  4. select manage add-ons
  5. locate Norton Confidential browser and disable it

Hopefully this will fix your runtime error 217.

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Mostly a corrupted program comes up with this kind of error whenever one tries to run the program. Particularly this error became frequent when users tried to activate Microsoft Visual Basic software.

Re-registering the application that is showing this error may solve the issue. Running a registry cleaner will also do if the reason behind is some broken links.


Like every other runtime error, this also effects the performance of your PC.  It will harm your system badly if it’s due to some virus. Most probably one using MS Excel would have faced this if he had tried to copy the worksheet without saving and closing the file systematically.

Third party repair tool always helps a lot. A registry cleaner is the best method. But as it is a MS Excel related, another simpler way is available. Just create a new workbook from the template. Add any default text or chart from the options available at the top of the excel workbook. Save as (*.xltx) file. The error won’t occur again. If it does, go for registry cleaner.

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Runtime errors are harmful for the computer. So it is best to get rid of such errors as soon as possible. Other than registry clean one can also use an alternate method for runtime error r6034.

Open system restore window. Close all other application and create a restore point by selecting a drive from the available options. It is a slow process. The system will restart once done.

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Hope this guide has helped you to solve your errors related to runtime error 216, 217, 429, 1004 and r6034. If still the problem persists, it’s better to consult some expert.