SOLVED: Runtime Error r6034

If you’re here to fix the runtime error r6034, then you’re at the right place for I’d be showing you the proper way of fixing runtime error r6034.


Windows Operating System may show you a variety of errors. But the runtime error r6034 is one of the Genric  Error that Windows 7 and Windows Vista user face.

The runtime error r6034 occurs because either the software or the hardware of your system is preventing the normal execution flow of the running application.

This runtime error pop up message specifies that “an application has made an attempt to lead C runtime library incorrectly, please contact the application supports team for more information and I leaves the user with no clue with what is going on with their system.

Best FIX: MSVCP110.DLL is Missing

This runtime occurs when you try to Update ITunes application or while using Microsoft Visual Studio Application to create some new project or while you try to edit some existing project.

This is a very complex error but you can easily remove this runtime error.

Methods to fix Runtime Error r6034 in Windows

Here are the 2 methods to fix the runtime error r6034:

1- In this method, you have to restore your system to earlier restore point:

Click on Start Button>go to All Programs> then click on Accessories> Then select System Tools> and finally choose System Restore from the available submenu. After this, you will have to select Restore my computer to an earlier time option and then click Next. A confirmation window will appear, so click Next and finally restart the computer when restoring process is completed.


2- In this method,  we will be using a tool. To download and install Error Repair tool, from here: DOWNLOAD ERROR REPAIR.

How to fix Runtime Error r6034

Here’s the step to fix the runtime error r6034:

  1. Go start button and then type system restore on the search text box. Click on system restore.
  2. The system restore window will open. Close all other applications or processes.
  3. In the system restore window a calendar list that means restore point is open. Choose a restore point from when you are affected from this error and then click next.
  4. The process will take some time and then restart you system.


The runtime error r6034 is a problematic. This is very harmful for your current working data. There are so many causes of occurring r6034 error.

In all causes the main cause of the error is the working application is not compiled by the system compiler and this error message is shown on your computer screen.