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Whatsapp For PC: Here’s How To Download & Install

Whatsapp for PC; have you ever predicted it would be soon? The messaging giant – Whatsapp, used by over 600 million people globally to set an impact on your mind and probably now ever smartphones are having whatsapp installed in their phones. But, How To Use Whatsapp on PC? Or else, how do I download Whatsapp for my PC too?

Questioning right?

Being brutally honest, you need not to have a $600 smart phone to use whatsapp neither a smart phone. Instead, you can download whatsapp for pc itself – it’s simple. And in this article, I’d show you exactly how to download whatsapp for pc and how to use whatsapp on pc.

Whatsapp For PC

How to Download Whatsapp For PC?

1. To install Whatsapp for PC you need to Download BlueStacks on your PC – it is a software that breaks barriers between a mobile and PC user by allowing you to use android apps on your PC – next install Whatsapp, you’re done.

BlueStacks App Player is filtered designed program that allows you to break barriers that form between a mobile and desktop user by allowing you to run your favorite Android apps on your Windows device. With its innovative “Cloud Connect” feature, it allows you to push apps from your Android device directly to your desktop (i.e. BlueStacks) and vice-verse.

2. Now, when you click on the link above you’d be able to download it directly.

3. Wait a few minute to download BlueStacks to your computer. And Install it as followed:

a) Right click on the BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_REL file and click on Install (see image below).

b) You’d now be taken to installation wizard, click on the tick (I agree the terms in the application) -> Click next.

c) If you want to change the folder in which it would be installed then change else click next.

d) Tick both, and click next again.

e) It’d be installing, and finally done (follow the screen).

How to Install Whatsapp on PC?

Now as you’ve Bluestacks on your PC, we’d now move forward and learn “How to Install Whatsapp on PC”, so to proceed with installing whatsapp on PC you’re required to Open BlueStacks from desktop or where you’ve saved the icon of it.

1. After opening BlueStacks, click on Search Button and search for Whatsapp.

2. At the first itself you’d get to view “WhatsApp Messenger” click on it.

3. It would take just a while to download whatsapp on PC, and then you can enjoy it freely.

It’s super easy to install, just you are required to follow what I’ve told above to install whatsapp on PC. And next, I’d be telling you “How To Use Whatsapp on PC“. Read ahead. And yes, for any kind of questions please make sure you comment below (scroll down) and I’d try to quickly respond you.

How To Use Whatsapp on PC? 

And now, as you’ve installed Bluestacks to use Whatsapp for PC and also have installed whatsapp on PC; I’d tell you how to use whatsapp on PC – IF you’re first time to it. However, if you’ve already been done then no worries (still it’s better to know). Read ahead.

So, to use Whatsapp on PC you’re required to configure it at the beginning else you couldn’t make use of it (or run either).

1. Whatsapp will ask you to enter your country, select it.

2. Now upon clicking next you’d be given two fields. In one, there would be already country code written in the second enter your number to use Whatsapp for PC.

3. After clicking on OK button, after few seconds a buzz will come to your phone number given. In that message, there it would consist of a code and all you’ve to do is type that same in whatsapp on pc.

4. A new window will popup, and verification will run for a moment.

5. You’re ready to rock, Whatsapp is all yours.

Any Questions on Whatspp Messenger for PC?

I really (really) hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to install Whatsapp for PC and I believe I’ve given my best to write down with approx the same thing I’ve (and all do) use to use whatsapp on PC. So, in case if you’re having any doubts or any issues/queries be sure telling me.


  1. i got bluestacks,but iam not able to download android apps,because it is showing “designed for phones” and if i click on “install’ it is showing “not able to download due to an error”

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