FIX: Modem Connection Failed with Error 651

Modem Connection Failed with Error 651 is a common modem connection failure. Mostly if someone is using a router for the internet, encountering this error is not surprising.



But as we all know, every problem and error comes with solution. And this too has solutions.

A few error fix of error 65 Connection Failed  is given below.

Disabling IPv6

Right click on the connection you are using. Select properties and uncheck the box “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IP)”. This is one easy attempt to model connectivity fix error 651.


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Replacing raspppoe.sys

Raspppoe.sys file may also be the reason behind your headache. Mostly the file is corrupted or else the link is broken. Replace it with an original version of it.

Copy it from your friend’s computer and paste it in its place. Do not forget to rename the existing file. This will help you to refer to this backup old version of raspppoe.sys file if some weird problem comes up after replacement.

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Disabling Auto tune Feature

Auto tune feature of windows may also generate this kind of errors sometime. Disable it to see if it fixes the issue. Run command prompt at the administrator. Type the command “Netsh Interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled” and press Enter.

Reinstalling Drivers

Reinstalling the drivers solve most problems regarding windows PCs. So try it here too. Drivers at times are found corrupt and hence reinstalling repairs them helping you to fix the error along with it.


Performing Clean Boot

Clean boot check is the best way to detect if there is some issue with the system. Easily one can find the root cause of the problem. Search “msconfig.exe”.

Click it and open Windows configuration. Select startup and click on load startup items. Move on to services tab and check the checkbox of “hide all MS services” followed by disabling all other services. Now restart the computer and perform a clean boot.


Recreate Dialler

At times, the internet modem also gets hanged. So just to ensure it, recreating the dialler is a good strategy. Open network and sharing center and select change adapter setting. Now look for your dial up connection and create a duplicate of it there itself. Delete the old copy and try connecting again.

Trying Safe Mode

Try checking out that if the error occurs even in safe mode or not? Click F8 while starting the computer till the screen takes you to the safe mode options. Select safe mode with internet options and check if the problem persists.

Reconnecting Router

Reconnect the router once by switching it off. And connect it again to check if the problem got solved or not? If it doesn’t pops up again, your issue was fake.

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Resetting TCP/IP

Although resetting TCP/IP doesn’t work with such error. But there is no harm is trying once. Open command prompt as the administrator. Enter the command “nets hint ip reset.log” and Click Enter.

Hope this gude to solve Modem connection failed error 651 was helpful to you. If the error didn’t got fixed even after these methods, consult a software engineer or technician.