Windows 10 Officially Released by Microsoft in Event at San Francisco

30th September, 2014: Microsoft officially announces at an event based in San Francisco – Windows 10, the next and biggest upgrade to Windows. And, after a long wait and debate Microsoft came in conclusion to return the start menu which was abandoned in Windows 8 as due to it’s UX Features.

Microsoft Officially Announced Windows 10, not Win 9:

Certainly, the internet marketers and bloggers in term of getting traffic to their blog spread rumors that right after Windows 8, there it would be Windows 356 (the successor of Microsoft Office 😛 ), Windows X (just like the X Factor), Windows One (not so again, may be they’re trying to tell Android One).

microsoft releases windows 10

Apart those rumors; Windows 10, that skipped the sequential order (i.e. Windows 7, then Windows 8, and their successor might be Windows 9), is the first major update of Windows 8 that was considered as a failure by many. It’s still unpredictable the reason why Microsoft decided to name Windows 10, and not Windows 9 – yet, what can be said is – Microsoft under C.E.O Satya Nadella wanted to overhaul as much possible away from it’s predecessors.

New Upgrades of Microsoft Windows 10:

Introducing the best one yet. #Windows10

— Windows (@Windows) September 30, 2014

It is been said that the latest operating system that is Windows 10 will be running on a variety of devices. Microsoft itself calling it as “their greatest enterprise platform ever.” Also, Microsoft on launching Windows 10 emphasized – specially – that more than 1.5 people are using Windows today, but added it as “new time for Windows.”

#Windows10 will be able to switch between tablet and “mouse and keyboard” mode

— Karissa Bell (@karissabe) September 30, 2014

Curiosity regarding the mark of returning the start menu are going viral over internet. Windows 10, will be coming with live titles customize feature in the Start Menu – it’s so, as because Microsoft upon removing the Start Menu from Windows 8 was criticized a lot. It is also been said by Microsoft that the Windows 7 users – upon upgrading – will be feeling the “super natural experience.”

Terry Myerson, Executive VP for Windows, on stage at the #Windows10 preview event in San Francisco.

— Windows (@Windows) September 30, 2014

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