Best Google AdSense Alternatives Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Best Google AdSense Alternatives for 2024: Diversifying Monetization Strategies

In the realm of online monetization, Google AdSense has long been hailed as a primary revenue source for website owners and content creators. However, as digital landscapes evolve and diversify, exploring alternative monetization platforms becomes increasingly crucial. Whether you’re looking to complement your AdSense earnings or seeking google adsense alternatives due to eligibility issues or performance concerns, there’s a plethora of options available in 2024. Let’s delve into some of the top Google AdSense alternatives for this year.

If you’re looking for best Google Adsense Alternatives, for it may be different reason like:

1) “Your Account has been disabled“, a sour email just reached to your inbox and you’re looking looking forward to monetize your site with a better ad platform.

2) You’re willing to monetize your No Adsense allowed niche site.

3) You’re wanting to monetize your site both with Adsense and it’s alternative for higher revenue purpose.

Or something else.

Then this article is for YOU. Find below some of the best Google adsense alternatives which helps you to monetize your site in a better way.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

NO, I don’t hate Google AdSense, for I’ve my micro niche sites who’s primary revenue is from AdSense but as said above if it matches to what you think, go ahead and experiment with them.

Highly Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2024

Here’s the Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2024:

  1. Owned by Yahoo and Bing, is a contextual ad network that serves relevant ads based on your content. It offers high-quality ad formats and provides a user-friendly interface for publishers. is particularly known for its robust performance in niches like technology, finance, and lifestyle.
  2. Raptive: Raptive is a premium ad management service trusted by many high-traffic websites and bloggers. It offers personalized ad strategies, advanced analytics, and dedicated support to maximize revenue potential. Raptive works with various ad partners to ensure competitive CPM rates and optimal ad placement.
  3. Amazon Associates: If your website features product reviews or recommendations, Amazon Associates can be a lucrative monetization option. By promoting Amazon products through affiliate links, you earn commissions on qualifying purchases made by your audience. With its vast product inventory and trusted brand reputation, Amazon Associates remains a popular choice among content creators.
  4. Ezoic: Ezoic is an AI-driven platform that utilizes machine learning algorithms to optimize ad placements and improve user experience. It offers features like automated ad testing, visitor segmentation, and revenue reporting tools. Ezoic’s sophisticated technology helps publishers increase ad revenue while maintaining site performance and user engagement.
  5. Sovrn //Commerce (formerly VigLink): Sovrn //Commerce is an affiliate marketing network that automatically monetizes product links within your content. It scans your website for relevant keywords and transforms them into affiliate links, allowing you to earn commissions from clicks and purchases. Sovrn //Commerce partners with thousands of merchants, offering a wide range of products across various categories.
  6. BuySellAds: BuySellAds is a marketplace connecting advertisers with website owners for direct ad placements. It enables publishers to sell ad space directly to advertisers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. With BuySellAds, you have full control over pricing, ad formats, and targeting options, empowering you to maximize revenue and maintain transparency in ad placements.
  7. Infolinks: Infolinks offers innovative ad solutions, including in-text ads, overlay ads, and native ads, to seamlessly integrate with your content. It provides non-intrusive ad formats that enhance user experience while generating incremental revenue. Infolinks’ smart ad targeting algorithms ensure relevant ad delivery, contributing to higher engagement and click-through rates.

Few more Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1) ClickBank Review

I’ve been using ClickBank for long, for me I believe it’s the best adsense alternative to monetize your blog with.

What basically I do is — I find highly converting products with good gravity (the higher, the better), sales commission, and it’s market value, and create affiliate site’s based on that product.

There’s thousand of products to deal with, but while choosing product I make sure about the competition that whether it’s possible to cope with the current competition in few weeks for I really don’t want to spend months behind such single site.

With SEO value, I’ve seen products in which the main site is at 2nd page, no EMDs, and paying over $50. So it’s all about how smart you’re about the selection of the product through various configurations.

Presently I’m laying foundation of certain sites to automate my business. So I’m sticking with ClickBank for a long for it’s best google adsense alternative if you’re wanting to create affiliate based site and not Adsense based.

I’d be also writing an article based on how to create such site’s, things to keep in consideration, and techniques to make 4-figures monthly profit with it.

2) Bidvertiser

I’ve used Bidvertiser, got pretty good ROI out of the investment I did once. It’s not too recent, but yes, I’m pretty much satisfied with the result.

So I would too recommend Bidvertiser. The minimum threshold is $10, which is paid via Wire Transfer, Paypal or Check — depends which method you choose.

For you’re a publisher, Bidvertiser makes sure that it displays highest bids ads so it help you generating more revenue out of it.

It can be used as the Google Adsense alternative.

How to ACTUALLY make money from these?

Despite even if you manage to get the best Google adsense alternative, you won’t make good money unless you follow some aspects.

If you want to make money –

1) You need more traffic: Target good keywords, optimize your site (techniques shared here), and rank.

2) You need to test a lot: It’s termed as CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization, if you’re not experimenting with your ads placements you won’t be able to improve your income.

However it always is not mandatory to have thousands of visitor for in affiliate site’s there be 500 visitors on monthly basis earning 5-figures, so it depends on which niche you’re on. And what your monetizing strategy is.

Let me know if there’s any more Google AdSense alternatives to be added in this list, would love adding in-depth details about them.

  1. I experience with disable my adsense account, as I remember it is in 2012. I was sucked with blogging since I have no income streaming besides Google Adsense.

    I have tried many alternative Adsense such as and Infolinks but I didn’t get a good experience with those Ads networks.

    I’m good at amazon marketing thus I didn’t make money with that. But I did better with Clickban, yeah, I love it…

  2. I’d highly recommend using Infolinks, or either in concern to Google Adsense Alternatives. They converts really well. Thanks admin for this comprehensive article 🙂

    Faheem Hafeez

  3. Hi bishal,

    Great Post. I was totally unaware of these alternatives to google adsense.I have used infolinks previously but i think i should try these. thanks for the information

  4. Really high quality article and information you have shared. If you are having a quality blog then you can earn a lot without adsense..

  5. Hi bishal,
    I’m back into blogging after a long gap. Anyway you are not goanna recognize me after all O’m not a big dog in blogosphere. Back to the topic, I don’t how much bidevertiser is FAVORABLE RATHER YOU CAN INCLUDE SOME OTHER NETWORKS. iT MIGHT BE RevenueHits or Chithika etc. What do you think about it Peter?

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  7. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for posting such very informative article on adsense alternative to earn money online. I think
    that clickbank, amazon affiliate and Bidvertiser may be the best aleternative of adsense but I want to know you that what
    these alternatives provides text links of ads.If provides contextual text links then they may be the best alternative of adsense to earn revenue.
    Virender Aheer recently posted…

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