GetResponse vs iContact: Who’s the Best Email Provider?

If you’re into affiliates; or sort of any other niche in the industry, you may be already aware about the fact of “Money is in the list”. For if you want to automate your online business — email marketing is one of the most ideal methodology of accomplishing the task. And, for which you require a good email provider.


For if you’re not using a flexible email marketing provider, it would cause to a lot of hassles in doing the tasks and led to a high failure rate. And then, you’d end up thinking that the idea of email marketing sucks. But literally, it’s not the scenario.

In this article, I’m to do a comparison of GetResponse & iContact, and find out who’s the best email provider. For they’ve been always in the top email provider list so if you’re likely wanting to move from your current provider — read this review, and get the best provider out there.

GetResponse vs iContact


Following is the comparison of the email marketing providers in which I’m not affiliated with any of these two, and to be fairly detailing about both’s strength and weakness that is to be followed by a conclusion about which is the best email provider.



When it comes to pricing, GetResponse wins over iContact for it’s plan starts with $15/monthly ($12.5 if chosen annual plan), allowing upto 1000 subscribers wherein for iContact their plan starts with $14 allowing only 500 subscribers. So GetResponse is more flexible when it comes about the major part – “Pricing”.


The 2.5k subscriber plan is bit higher of iContact that is $32/monthly, on contrary GetResponse’s is just $25/monthly (plus, discounts on annual plan).

Payment Method:

It is a huge drawback for both GetResponse and iContact when it comes to the Payment Method. The two email providers accept credit cards as the only payment method. GetResponse has a varied option of credit cards that includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, whereas iContact doesn’t support American Express but does for Amex and the rest.

However for people looking for an alternate method other than credit card, for say Google Checkout, Paypal which are likely more safer way for doing online transaction, the both email marketing providers doesn’t provide this opportunity and do have to look for an alternative provider.

So with point of view of the customers, it’s draw back for the both.


Looking at features, iContact has a “Account Health” sidebar that allows you to track the progress of your marketing campaign that comes really handy for use. And it’s Live Support allows you to directly talk with the support to get your queries solved as fast as possible.


The support is responsive, and gives good brief to your problem that keeps great care of the customers.

Interestingly iContact has over 600 templates, on contrary GetResponse has 500. However GetResponse has integration with WordPress, Salesforce, to allow you importing the contacts which further allows you to move the contacts with it’s superior drag and drop feature.

GetResponse’s template are designed to be further personalized, wherein you won’t get such access over iContact.

Most important, the Free Trail of GetResponse gives access to all features without any restriction, however in case of iContact it only gives allowance of 100 subscribers with limited features.


User Experience:

Comparing to iContact, GetResponse has much more classy and sleek look, navigation, and user experience. It do have a good UI/UX of iContact too, considerably good, however it’s complicated and a bit old-school, unlike GetResponse which has modern look.

The navigation is bit messy, missing feature page of iContact. For in email provider you need a good experience to stay long lasting.

The Best Email Provider?

Coming to a conclusion, what looked truly satisfying to me is GetResponse and look to me as the ideal email provider.

For it has got those features what one need for a good email marketing, and those robust features makes the task simpler. Plus GetResponse has got it’s own blog sharing valuable information which further on can help you a lot.

The price is fair; even for small businesses, and does really well. So for serious email marketing this be really effective, 99% success ratio — some email providers doesn’t have good success ratio that makes experience really worst.

Who’s the best according to you?

  1. Great going! Peter . Nice comparative and informative review.
    I truly agree that whenever question arises for the best solution to email marketing, GetResponse leads the list.
    Have been using it for a long time and highly contented with its services and pricing plans.

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