TORO Advertising Review TORO Advertising Review

TORO Advertising Review: Is it the Best Performance Network?

As an advertiser or a publisher, we do want that we get maximum results out of the efforts we’re putting towards getting an ROI.

Since for a while I was looking for an performance network that not just give it’s publisher and advertisers with best possible ROI but also provides with exceptional user support.


I got TORO Advertising under the radar.

TORO Advertising Review

It’s gun-loaded with latest technologies for the ‘best’ possible real-time tracking and reporting with a, real, quick support.

It has exceptional understanding of the market and has highly qualified team working behind it continuously to provide advertisers with maximized awareness, sales and brand exposure while publishers with highly converting offers that gives higher ROI measures.

And today, I’m going to review TORO Advertising to let you know what basically it is and how it can help “you” getting maximized ROI by using this ad network.

So let’s dig into the TORO Advertising Review.

TORO Advertising Review:

With over 5 years of professional experience in the field, the team behind TORO Advertising has the proven understanding of the concept about the current industry and the necessity that allowed them to equip with the latest technologies in the matter of reporting, optimization and tracking with the approach of experience, perfectionism and efficiency.

With over thousands of highly converting CPC, eCPM, CPA, CPL, CPM and Mobile offers in a wide segment that includes dating, education, business opportunity and many more across 90 countries.

That’s what it makes TORO Advertising one of the best performance ad network in the industry.

And when you ask me what else reason there is for you to join this ad network, I’d say:

  1. It has NET30, NET15, NET7 and weekly payout rates. So you really get payment faster that makes you able to reinvest and make more money.
  2. The minimum payout rate is just $25.
  3. Payment method is really efficient, it includes Paypal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, ePayment, Paxum as well as Skrill.
  4. You get a Dedicated Affiliate Manager who even help you improvising your ad placement and formats that drives consistent growth in every aspect.
  5. Their 24/7 support is insanely fast; what else do you need.

Apart from it, another cool fact about this network is that it has a VIP Affiliate Level for those who’re experienced in the field.

Ad Formats of TORO Advertising

TORO Advertising does really awesome in term of maximizing your revenue by monetizing your traffic. It has got a wide range of ad format which I believe no other ad network has.

Concerning to all aspects I’ve already talked about, I’d rate this network 5/5, really, it’s amazing! A wide range of offers, maximized ROI guaranteed, highest payout that none of it’s competitors has, a real quick support – awesome!

Here’s the ad formats:

  1. Standard Banners: A 728x90px and 160×600 banner available in .png and .gif flash animation.
  2. Expandable Banner: It usually sticks at the top-right corner of the screen that expands when a user hover through it.
  3. Video Interstitial Ads: Same like the above, however the only change is that it shows the user with video. It makes user curious of what basically it is and make a click that gives you much more earning.
  4. Floating Ads: In a transparent background the ad float over the page content that drives higher clicks ratio.
  5. Skinning Ads: These ads serves in the background of the website layout.
  6. Corner Peels: You can usually see these type of ad format in gaming niche, it basically peels away the top right corner of the page making it look fancy enough to get higher clicks.
  7. Bottom-up Ads: It floats on the bottom of the page and it extends upon clicking on it.
  8. Pop-up and Pop-under Ads: It generates higher earning cause whenever a visitor land on the site and perform an action (i.e. click anywhere) a new tab with ads get open silently above or behind the main browser window.
  9. Push-down Ads: It displays ad that unfolds down the site making it somewhat unique for users that led to higher click rates.
  10. Sidekick Ads: It horizontally pushes page content to left and displays the ad.
  11. Upper Bar: It displays a floating ad on the top of the screen, it’s attractive and do drive good CTR with it.
  12. Video Ads: It has Regular Video Ads, Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll and Companion Ad as a video format.
  13. Mobile Ads: It consist of Standard Ads, Expandable Ads, Interstitial, Bottom-Float, Corner Peel Ads, Floating Ads, Video Interstitial as well as gallery type Interstitial Image Carousel Ads.
  14. Footer Ads: It’s available in two format – the regular floating at the bottom ad and Footer Ad with Video Interstitial. It’s two most powerful ad format and the most unique ads ever I saw.

Wrapping it up:

When you join TORO Advertising, you’re definite to get superb support, on-time payment, highly qualified and targeted payment, and a really great affiliate program.

So just don’t re-think, join this, you won’t regret.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to show you an earning proof of one of my student who used TORO Advertising to monetize his gaming niche website.

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